my facebook is filled with photos! i have over a 1,000 photos. people must get annoyed but I mainly put them up for me. those are my most treasured photos. Most aren’t jst me posing in front of my camera in my bathroom or infront of a mirror. I have pictures of me with friends, or random things, or my friends doing random things,  and now i’m on instagram. I can’t help it i love memories and i love going back to them and seeing them from time to time. They’re my treasures! :)

-Ingrid Alvarenga

My love…My life…Youtube!

Youtube’s been a big part of my life…it is stupid for some people but, in high school i loved watching shaycarl, lisanova, happyslip, kassemG, RWJ, cutewinfail, tobyturner, timothydelaghetto, vlogbrothers, wheezywaiter, brittanylouistaylor [which i never learned how to spell correctly], charlestrippy, phillipdephranco, all the classics and more…let’s be honest this isn’t just during highschool even NOW in college i still watch some of these people. I can’t seem to want to stay hooked watching jersey shore, or even a really good show like new girl or once upon a time. I love those shows don’t get me wrong but i can never get as hooked as i can get to Youtube channels. I feel like when youtube was launched in 2005 we were meant to be. I started by getting into all these viral videos then my friend introducing me to more and more channels and then i started to find channels i liked all on my own. As the years went by i even put up videos myself in hopes of getting a partnership with google and youtbe [didn’t keep going as much i wouldve liked to]…when youtube got sued I was always on rooting for youtube to win. okay this is getting cheese i know but it’s true haha. I am pathetic lol….but all jokes aside i am so happy this site exists not just because it entertains me this is a community.

 I can look up videos on how to do something and after i watch that video i am 5 minutes smarter than i was before those 5 minutes.

 when i suffered from anxiety i watched videos online and heard other people’s stories and I didnt’ feel like i was the only one feeling sick anymore

musically i have gotten inspired by many youtube musicians [like alyssa bernal, erin paula, melissa polinar..etc.] because of them i kept singing and improved a lot. I felt well they’re not celebrities they jst have a camera, i can do that too. 

most of all LAUGHTER. It is waay better than watching a show that’s all about drunk orange colored people getting drunk, and a girl that lives with 3 guys, and evil trying to defeat good. We all know and predict what will happen in those shows…and like i said they are great shows to keep us entertained BUT in youtube we get the raw footage of life…or stupid mistakes we all do, funny fails that make u question people, and most of all the creativity that comes from an ordinary person who is just at home bored and has a camera. A REAL person, just like all of us. 

 -Ingrid Alvarenga :)

My legacy [end of the world edition]

        Just googeld the word ‘legacy’. It’s one of those words you think you kind of know what it means but can’t explain it, meaning you prbly don’t know what it means in its entirety. I found out it means the amount of money or property you are leaving somebody in a will. I wondered for a few seconds if it was going to be an appropriate tittle for this post and I think it is a good title. Now at this time people are freaking out that the world’s going to end. Facebook and Youtube [which are the sites i frequent the most besides tumblr] are rambling about it. Whether it ends up happening or not; i mean December 21st just started [and in all honesty, i don’t think it will happen] Still i wanted to come here and really had this urge to write this post, because i DO want to leave a legacy for my future self or others who read this post. I guess it is like my will in a way it’s not money or a property but it is something. 

        I just really wanted to say that boy have I come a long way. Not to put myself on a pedestal or anything of that matter, but wow these past almost 3 years, my life has completely changed; and it was for the better. I feel like i’ve become more secure about myself, happier. Don’t get me wrong, there are still somethings i want to change. For example trying to be more honest with myself as in like…i do  have to admit i get jealous of other people’s success at times and it’s super wrong of me to do that and i jst appear to be happy for them and jst be like “oh wow awesome”  or those times where i kind of pretend didn’t hear the conversation between a group of people and me and hear somebody got a good grade on something i jst like grrr in the inside instead of saying like other people do “wow great job, i’m so happy for you”, i want to learn how to compliment the person but actually mean it. It makes me feel like a horrible person when i don’t do the right thing in this situation. I also hate how sometimes i’m so lazy when somebody needs help i jst kind of like run haha and pretend like oh sorry dude kinda busy with this other thing. I know these are little things we all do at times [i hope lol] but i feel like i may do them too often and I’m working on changing that about myself, that’s what i mean by saying i want to be more honest with myself. Sometimes i feel like i’m a bad person and it brings me down. Another thing i want to work on is to stop feeling dumb. I feel reaaaaaaally dumb when at school i’m surrounded by smart people and i’m jst clueless sometimes and i do stupid things like i get confused between things, and i’m horrible at math, and things like that. Right now i think these are my insecurities, and i’m currently working on them slowly. I know i can never be a perfect person and i’m not trying to be, but i want to be the best person i can be. 

               The good things these past two years have brought me is being able to notice more, what i want to change about myself, and most of all how i haven’t wasted my time after i graduated from high school. I mean i’m a farm team leader, I’ve been going to school and love it, i’m the  [volunteer] video director of Thoroughbred Education Foundation, I have met three wonderful veterinarians [Dr. Fullop, Dr. Lian, Dr. Pattio], i have visited the backstretch of a horse racetrack, met famous horses, or horses that have blood line from vary famous horses, i have trained sheep, and an angry angus cow [who hopefully we will continue with our work], i’ve volunteered in a vet clinic and been able to see wonderful things, i’ve seen goat births More than 1 time, held newly born lambs and made lamb burritos out of them [not literally lol], i’ve done chicken physicals, i’ve seen a goat having dystocia and Russ literally pull out two dead kids out of big momma :[ . I’ve jst grown so much as a person and i’m so happy and proud of myself for not wasting my life away and jst sit around for life to pass by and watch other people have a good time. I’ve had the best time of my life and have wonderful friends. Once i’m past my two insecurities i mentioned above…i can really jst stand back and add up all of the things currently going on in my life [not to mention i have the most wonderful mother anyone could ever have] and i can say “I’M HAVING THE TIME OF LIFE”. 

So my legacy to you future Ingrid or dear reader…Don’t let life pass you by…DO what ever is in your power to live…Live for yourself and not for others make sure YOU make yourself happy first so you can make others happy too…recognize your faults and try to make them better because that’s what i’m trying to do right now. :) 


          Ingrid Alvarenga! 



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i got my books for fall semester….i just need a math book they didn’t have >:( and another girl is supposed to sell me her anatomy books but she nver emailed me her address!!! aaaaaaaaaah!! btw my anatomy books in total there are 8 BOOOKSS!! 3of them are optional though!!

i got my books for fall semester….i just need a math book they didn’t have >:( and another girl is supposed to sell me her anatomy books but she nver emailed me her address!!! aaaaaaaaaah!! btw my anatomy books in total there are 8 BOOOKSS!! 3of them are optional though!!